NLP for Personal Development

NLP for prof devt

The name Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) comes from the three areas it brings together. Neuro- the mind and how we think. Linguistic- how we use language and how it affects us. Programming- our behaviour patterns. It provides a way of helping individuals  to become more competent at what they do, more in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions, more positive in their approach to life and better able to achieve results.

You will learn through a combination of explanation, practice and demonstration. It offers the opportunity to receive training of a high professional standard to enable you to develop an understanding and practical application of the benefits of hypnotherapy.

The weekend will be the start of an exciting, stimulating and personally rewarding journey. Transformation happens on an unconscious level and opens the way for new possibilities. You will learn practical skills for life that will enable you to make beneficial changes from within.

Cost:  Your investment for the course is £225 - this includes:

  • Professionally delivered tuition
  • Course manual
  • Self- hypnosis CD
  • Discounts of Innerchange products.

Date & Time:  Saturday & Sunday 9.30-5 p.m forthcoming timetable  available soon 

Venue: Hope Valley in the beautiful Peak District easily accessible via Manchester/Sheffield train line

Booking:  Please email for booking details

Kathy is a Master NLP practitioner  developed and ran the University's Certificate of Higher Education in Hypnotherapy for four years and has now transferred her hypnotherapy training skills into this high quality self-hypnosis weekend.

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